Pengusaha Lokal Nelayan Makassar

Author: Rifal dan Linda Sunarti

e-Journal, PADEWAKANG.COM- Abstract. This research discusses the values of local entrepreneurs Makassar fishermen. In general, the fishing community is usually portrayed as weak and poor.  However, these assumptions need to be reviewed on a fishing community in Makassar. In the center of rapid urban growth, the fishing communities in these places keep survive, and even showed the economic prospects going forward. In the flow of history, at the 1950s there were local elites dominated by nobles and entrepreneurs who move from rural to urban areas. The elite is then build their business in the field of fisheries. They who became the retainer (group leader), which provides training to “sawi” fishermen. In a group of fishermen known “assiajinggeng” culture that considers all is brothers. From this culture can grow the spirit of kinship and trust are very strong. This research is the study of history by using a qualitative approach. Data was obtained through interviews with local business figure who has been successful as a fisherman, besides also did archival study relating to the issues raised. The data obtained in such a way then processed using the historical method, namely heuristic, criticism, interpretation and historiography.

Sementara proses penerbitan di PAHMI-Journal of Malaysia and Indonesian Studies, University of Malaya

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