Social Capital of Hajj in Kajuara

Ilustrasi. Foto:
Ilustrasi. Foto:

KABAR KAJUARA, PADEWAKANG.COM- This study discusses the social capital in Kajuara, South Sulawesi after performing Hajj. In this case focused on the motivation and social role of a person before and after performing Hajj that can be seen from the social status, work ethic and religious transformation. Generally, Hajj is seen as a religious activity to fulfill the pillars of Islam, but in reality someone in Kajuara who has performed Hajj has new social capital in society. It can be seen at the wedding, before performing Hajj the person get a job in the back sector such as washing dishes, but after performing Hajj changed the orientation of work in the high sector as a bride maid. In other cases, a person who has performed Hajj will get more wedding invitation and salvation, it has been found in a month, before performing Hajj the person only gets two wedding invitations and salvation but after performing Hajj the person get more invitations in four invitations. This study is a sociology study using a qualitative approach. The data were obtained through interviews with someone who has performed Hajj, community leaders and religious leaders.

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